Get Your Holidays Ready by Grabbing a Psychedelic Collection of T-Shirts

by Zahra Maqsood September 12, 2019

Get Your Holidays Ready by Grabbing a Psychedelic Collection of T-Shirts

Get Your Holidays Ready by Grabbing a Psychedelic Collection of T-Shirts

It is never too early to get ready for the holidays.  No matter, summer holidays, Sundays, Halloween or Christmas holidays are coming up, you always need a new and stylish top to dress up. This time Jesmine is bringing a stylish variety of printed T-shirts both for men and women.

Tops for Men and Women:

All these tops are for both men and women to avoid any discrimination.  So, you can buy your favorite top sitting at home.

Unique and Stylish Variety:

The tops are vibrant in colors and unique in style. These tops are designed especially by the expert Brizbazaar from Kentucky, USA. You will not find such stylish and fresh tops in any other stores outside.

Fastest Shipping:

Jesmine is providing you fastest shipping all around the world by easy payment methods. So you do not need to worry about payment and parcel delivery process.

High-Quality Fabric

The tops are made up of supreme quality polyester. The fabric of these tops is 100% polyester that makes the tops classy and graceful.


Need to Get Ready for Halloween?

Are you worried about the Halloween party? Do you also have no enough time to go market and select an outfit? Are you confused to select your outfit for the coming Halloween party? Are you excited to look unique and stylish among others in the next Halloween party?

Here are the solutions to all your problems. Jesmine is introducing some fierce and skull designed tops to make its customers ready for the next Halloween party.

Haunted Skulls Printed Unisex T-shirts

There are four designs in haunted skulls T-shirts. All the T-shirts are fierce and best for Halloween.

You can wear these T-shirts casually and even in your college. Wear it in a Halloween party or youngsters party without any worry because it looks so classy.  The fabric of this tee is pure polyester which is at a time durable and bright. 

A fierce golden skull with giant teeth on jet black is an attractive piece of your Halloween costume. It is said that the design is the core of the product, aiming to replicate the skull in its fullest glory, and making your space looking like you’re a true master of skulls and our experts have designed Skull Tops in its full thrilling style.

The gray skull with a floraland fierce head is a true piece of art for the Halloween party.


Multiple gray haunted skulls, on a jet black T-shirt, are the necessary feature for the Halloween party.


The skull with headphone on the blacktop is printed. Casual yet haunted, it is. Is not it cool and artistic at a time?



For more details and to purchase skull haunted T-shirts visit Jesmine's online store.

Dragon and Skulls Printed Unisex T-shirts

Dragon and Skulls Printed T-shirts are unique and fierce in their own way. There are also four styles in this category. Dragon skulls are printed on the tops in different styles. Choose your best design.

For more details and to purchase your favorite Dragon and Skulls Printed Unisex T-Shirtvisit us online.


Need to Get Ready for a Coming Birthday Party?

Birthday parties are of great joy always. These are the happy parties full of balloons, colors, smiles, and cakes. How can you be dull at any birthday party? Get the most vibrant and living T-shirt from Jesmine’s online store and fly in the hues of any birthday party.

Graphic Print Unisex Sleeve T-shirts

Flying home with a huge bunch of colorful balloons is all we want in the real lives but Jesmine is providing you T-shirt with a graphic print of your dream flying home with colorful balloons.

You can wear it casually, or on a vacay or at a birthday party. To gift this T-shirt to your friend on his/her birthday party is also not a bad idea.


Animated Movies Printed T-Shirts

Two styles are available in animated t-shirts. Your favorite cartoon characters are printed on the t-shirts.


These T-shirts are friendly enough to be worn on any occasion, casually or on youngsters’ party or any birthday party, wherever you need.





To check more details about these T-shirts, and to purchase your favorite animated T-shirt visit us online.

Need some exciting tops to wear? Tired of ordinary tops? Above are the most exciting products for you.  All the tops and tees are very graceful in design and quality. Their prices are very reasonable. So, visit our online store today and grab your favorite top before the products may run out of the stock. Hopefully! If you need more inspiration, be sure to visit our website

Zahra Maqsood
Zahra Maqsood

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