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Select Cushion Covers from Our Bohemian Cushion Collection And Make Your Space Unique 

Cushions are one of the most desired furnishings. Cushions offer a finishing touch to the room’s decor scheme, and a great combination can give an elegant, stylish and up-to-date look to your rooms. You can get stylish rooms all because of just a few squares of fabric. There are not any tough rules to choose the design of cushions for your home, all this depends upon your personal preferences. Below, I am showing you beautiful designs of cushions from our collection of Bohemian Cushions.


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Displaying some stylish cushions on your sofa give it a perfect look. The cushions can be placed on sofa at each end or towards the center, they can also be placed on bed between the pillows. Cushions can add their enchantment to your rooms. They add to style of your home overall.

Jesmine has introduced two sections in Bohemian Designed Cushion Covers Collection one includes Round Cushion Covers and the other Square Cushion Covers.

Before introducing the varieties, first let me discus product fabric and quality.

Product Material:

All the products are made up of microfiber fabric. Generally, microfiber fabric includes fibres that are finer. Microfiber fabric is finer than wool, three times finer than cotton, and more than twice as fine as silk. The outstanding characteristics of microfibers include exceptional strength, although the filaments are super fine, improved breathability, durability, lighter weight and comfort of natural fibers.

Microfiber fabric is known best for its softness. We never compromise with quality and style. The colors are fade resistant and cushion covers are easy to wash and handle.

Home Décor Piece:

Different cushion arrangements can turn your room from basic into something bold and refreshing. It’s not as difficult as you’d imagine.Our Bohemian Mandala cushion covers are the perfect home decor piece to create a unique space. Could be used as floor pillows around the house, also to use as watch TV or as an extra seat. A Charming cushions Covers With Pom Pom Lace look attractive.  There are no hard rules for placing cushions as a décor place in your home. It depends upon your personal choice. You can place cushions wherever you want. You can use as floor cushions. You can also place at each end of the sofa or slightly towards the centre. You may select identical cushions to keep your decor scheme simple and elegant.


Stitching Design:

All the cushion cover sets are stitched by expert tailors. Pom Pom lace is used at finishing lines to give a little touch of embroidery which makes cushions more attractive and elegant.

Mandalas are considered as an object of meditation to aid in one’s spiritual development. The word Mandala means a circle. All the mandala styled cushions are designed carefully, keeping in mind the very purpose of mandala.




In Round Cushion Covers we have following varieties.

Blue Mandala Bohemian Cushion Cover:

This round shaped cushion cover is very soft as made up of microfiber fabric and its colors are fade resistant. Not purely blue in color, but a combination of multi colors with blue shades.

Buy Blue Mandala Bohemian Cushion Coverfrom our online store.


Mandala Bohemian Cushion Cover:

This is brown in color and round in shape. Its design is same as of Blue Mandala Bohemian Cushion Cover but colors are different.

Purchase Mandala Bohemian Cushion Cover from our website.



Bohemian Mandala Cushion Cover:

This is also round shaped cushion cover. Rich Pink color is used to design it.

For more details and to purchase Bohemian Mandala Cushion Cover visit our website.


Bohemian Round Mandala Cushion Cover:

 Bohemian Round Mandala Floor Cushion Cover is the charming home decor piece to create a bright, unique space. Its colors are multi in shades including all colors from light blue to heavy rich blue.

Buy Bohemian Round Mandala Cushion Cover from our website. 



Multi Design Round Mandala Cushion Cover:

Multi Design Round Mandala Cushion Cover is designed with multi colors in round ring style.


For more details about the product and to buy Multi Design Round Mandala Cushion Cover visit our website.



Loving Floral Bohemian Cushion Cover:

Our floral Bohemian Covers are probably the most special pieces we carry at our online store Jesmine. This supper soft Floral Bohemian Cushion Cover that is a combination of blue and beryline looks so charming you can use as a seat cushion, can place on sofa or wherever you want to put it as a décor piece.


Purchase Loving Floral Bohemian Cushion Cover from our online store.


Floral Decorative Bohemian Cushion Cover:

This attractive cushion floral print with a combination of navy blue and fresh blue colors looks great. There is also a slight touch of pink color along the blue floral prints.


For more details and to purchase Floral Decorative Bohemian Cushion Covervisit us online.

Bohemian Red Round Mandala Cushion Cover:

Also check red colored bohemian cushion cover with pompom lace.



To Purchase Bohemian Red Round Mandala Cushion Cover visit us online.




In Square Cushion Covers, we have following designs.


Bohemian Flower Cushion Cover:

 This is square shaped cushion cover with a combination of black and purple color that looks so attractive. Purple flower with orange center is printed on black microfiber fabric, that looks purely fascinated.


Buy Bohemian Flower Cushion Cover from our online store.



Purple Bohemian Concealed Cushion Cover:

This is unique square shaped purple cushion cover with round rings print.


To purchase Purple Bohemian Concealed Cushion Covervisit us online.



Green Bohemian Concealed Cushion Cover:

Not specifically green but combined with many multi shades of blue and purple colors and it looks very charming.


For more details and to purchase Green Bohemian Concealed Cushion Cover
visit us online.



Bohemian Luxury Cushion Cover:

This is supper soft Luxury Cushion cover and designed with fresh blue color.


For more details and to buy Bohemian Luxury Cushion Cover  visit our website



Boho Soft Bohemian Style Cushion:

Boho Soft Bohemian Style Cushion Cover is not only soft but its light and unique colors also make it more fresh. Snow white and light blue color really give a fresh look.

 To buy Boho Soft Bohemian Style Cushion Cover visit us online.



Bohemian Concealed Cushion Cover:

 Here is orange colored square cushion cover that looks really attractive. Mandala designed cover with a combination of black and orange is very artistic because of superb design. 


Purchase  Bohemian Concealed Cushion Cover from our website.  



All the Cushion Covers from Bohemian Collection are exceptionally soft and unique in color. They are stitched perfectly so give attractive look. We assure you non-risky purchase. All these covers are ready to enhance aesthetic value of your home. It adds the ornament and artwork to your room. These beautiful cushions work well to make your space look distinct and unique.

Zahra Maqsood
Zahra Maqsood

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