by Zahra Maqsood June 22, 2018


Presenting The Dreamiest Pretty Cool Comforters for This Summer



Everyone agrees on a warm thick comforter for winter, but come spring and summer, the opinions and options seem endless. Some people prefer the barest whisper of a light sheet.  Others need a bit more warmth and opt for a light blanket. Some people feel their down comforter and duvet cover combination to be a little too warm for the summer.


However, people who live in homes that are equipped with air conditioning never have to say goodbye to their down comforters. In those homes, there is little fluctuation in temperatures from summer to winter. In fact, some homes may be even colder in the summer because the AC is kicked up. So here we are introducing summer Bed comforters, our summer collection of 2018.




 These comforters are especially designed for summer season, containing 100% polyester and microfiber. An easy way to perk up your bedroom for spring and summer is with fresh new comforters.


In summers many people feel insomnia. The main reason behind comfortlessness is comforter, either they are too warm or too thin. Jesmine is now providing the coolest comforters that will at least give you relief so make sure you’ve removed the flannel and heavy duvets and replaced them with lightweight materials and fabrics designed to breathe.


All the comforters are pleasant in look having light summer colors which sensationally provide cool gentle sense to your eyes. We are providing a countless variety of summer comforters some of them are below for your inspiration; and for more varieties visit us online We have made easy for you to find a comforter that’s just right for you, for purchasing visit our online store.



Flowers Print Loving and Soft Comforter

This is Floral Printed Loving and Soft Comforter and material is 20% cotton 80% polyester. Exceptionally soft comforter with many more soft and gentle colors. To buy visit us online 



Jasmine Flowers Summer Comforter

The material is pure 100% polyester with 100% microfiber filling.



Watermelon Love Printed Comforter


This is extraordinarily designed with watermelon prints by our experts and perfect for summers. The material fabric is 100% polyester and the filling is of 100% microfiber. For more details and to buy visit online.



Sea Shore Birds Print Comforter

To buy visit our website

We have many more in colors and designs, check here

Zahra Maqsood
Zahra Maqsood

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