Mandala Elephant Round Carpet

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Love the Customized 3D Print

A beautiful Round Carpet is having a lovely customized 3D print with vibrant colors and perfect graphic features.

Quality Material

Not only the design, but it has a top-quality material. Round Carpet is made up of excellent quality Polyester. Tested and non-allergic to sensitive skin!

Non- Slippery Carpet

Supported with PVC dots, not with ordinary rubber pad; that’s why protect you against slipping. Its softness and waterproof qualities do a significant job of protecting you from sliding down or slipping on the wet floor by keeping your feet warms and water-free.

 Genius Tip

Be careful while placing a Carpet on the floor! Do not put a Carpet on a wet floor. Make sure the floor is dry before you place a Carpet there. It would increase the life of the Carpet.

Tested and Reliable

This Round Carpet is thoroughly tested, along with many other Carpet, very carefully by the team Jesmine. It is completely reliable and easy to use and handle. Easy to Wash! Absorb water from your wet feet, leaving them dry with a soft touch.





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