J Sourcing manages quality, standards, and deadlines as your manufacturing compliance. Dealing with an abroad supplier requires consistent vigilance and in-depth knowledge of industrial processes. Our sourcing agents know perfectly; how to deal with these matters and provide you with the best results.

Manufacturing of Private Label

A private label product is manufactured by a third-party manufacturer, who already has product design, molds. And they are willing to make their product for you, brand it with your logo so that you can sell it under your brand name. This kind of production is quite popular among e-commerce merchants like Amazon, eBay, who want to extend their product line. There are many products available to be sold as a Private Label; many suppliers are manufacturing and providing you these. But it is not easy to get the best quality products at a low price. You should have knowledge and experience to deal with the manufacturers and suppliers. With J Sourcing, you don’t have to worry about these things. Our experts will help you to find the best manufacturers and suppliers at the best prices.


J Sourcing will determine whether you require an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or an Original Design Manufacturer (ODM). We protect your intellectual property and find you the manufacturer who has the ability to manufacture premium quality products at the best price. We assist you with the establishment of production contracts, manufacturing deadlines, quality control inspections, checking packaging and labeling on products, and making sure that they are delivered safely to your fulfillment center.

Quality Assurance

J Sourcing conducts a quality inspection by sending its sourcing and inspection teams to the warehouses of the suppliers. Our different countries-based experts conduct factory inspections, assist you in developing relationships with your suppliers, and conduct a Quality Control inspection once production has begun or has ended. You can pay the manufacturer's balance after viewing a detailed and personalized QC report of your items that we will send you. And the manufacturer will ship your inventory to you.




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