Product Sourcing

No matter; if you are a small new company or a set-up organization, our worldwide reach will find the best suppliers and manufacturers that perfectly fit your product requirements. Our role is to listen to your needs and then collaborate with you; to establish the degree and scope of services that will benefit you and your business. We will confirm that suppliers fulfill your needs, requirements, specific pricing, material, quantity, certification, and manufacturing criteria.

eCommerce Product Sourcing

Ecommerce is quickly developing throughout the world. J Sourcing is at the edge of enabling these entrepreneurs to take off and prosper. We are here to assist you in locating the best private label items and perfecting them for sale on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Shopify, etc. We will find high-quality products that you will resell in your country. After selecting the best supplier, our sourcing agents will negotiate the conditions with him. Our sourcing experts will negotiate the best price with reduced product defect rates and handle all shipping from China to your fulfillment location. We will also manage all your packaging, labeling, designing, and logistics. We will work as your representatives to help you identify an ideal and reliable supplier. As well as we will monitor production processes, handle the documentation if required, undertake quality control procedures of your product, and make sure that you receive your products at the agreed time and conditions.

Sourcing Procurement

J Sourcing is working with various businesses to assist them in establishing and diversifying their supply chains. We make sure to hear and understand their needs. We are eliminating; the need for wholesalers by ensuring a strong and secure relationship built directly between you and the manufacturer. We are helping businesses by providing them an end-to-end process that covers everything from planning buying to negotiating prices, purchasing, handling, managing, and shipping inventory. J Sourcing ensures that cost, quality, and consistency; are always upheld. We ensure that you are buying from a manufacturer that complies with your industry's standards, local, state, and federal legislation and that the product fulfills all applicable compliance criteria by performing audits. J Sourcing is not here only to reduce total costs but also the time and stress associated with finding and dealing with new suppliers.

Product Designing & Development

Our product designers will help you to turn your ideas into the full-fledged design. We will hear your requirements and ideas first, understand your desires, and then help you to design and launch your product with innovative ideas. J sourcing is here to assist you with everything from designing your product to finding the perfect manufacturer who can not only manufacture your item but also at the best price and premium quality. We select the ideal factory from a global pool, then utilize our experience and negotiating power to secure a lower price, conduct quality control, and ensure that everything is running smoothly. We'll walk you through the design and manufacturing process, making sure the product's functionality and aesthetics meet or surpass your expectations and requirements. J Sourcing helps you to build a long-term and fantastic relationship with the suppliers. We love to assist entrepreneurs in converting their unique ideas into reality.




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